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Last Year's Catalog (2011)

  Western Ohio Club Calf Producers Catalog

AFSC CASSA 3Y, Cyrus Heifer



AFSC CERES 5Y, Cyrus Heifer



Walks Alone Heifer


Hired Man Steer



One & Only Steer



Big Money Steer



Spunky Monkey Steer



Capiche Heifer



Eye Candy Heifer



Eye Candy Steer



Eye Candy Steer



Eye Candy Steer



Verizon Heifer



Verizon Heifer


Cyrus Hereford Steer



Heatwave x 734 Steer



Kadabra x 734 Heifer



Uncle Kracker Steer


Eye Candy Steer



Sunseeker Heifer   &   Walks Alone Heifer




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